Puppy Feeding Guidelines

One of the most important parts of a puppy’s life is food. That’s because what, how much, and when he eats all play a part in his health. Keep in mind puppies grow extremely fast, so your puppy’s diet should be adjusted accordingly.

Puppy feeding Do’s and Don’ts

DO feed your puppy three times a day—morning, mid-day, and night—for the first six months. For older puppies check the product label to determine the appropriate food amount. Sometimes twice a day is enough.

DO consult the feeding recommendations on the packaging of your puppy food.

DO be sure to feed your puppy his last meal of the day early enough that he can digest and still go outside to relieve himself (around 5 p.m.).

DO feed your puppy a healthy, well-balanced food designed specifically for puppies. Note that puppy food has a different balance of nutrients vs. calories to help them grow.

DO wean your puppy from wet to dry food. Puppies start to nibble on solid foods at 3-4 weeks of age. Keep moistened puppy food (three parts kibble to one part water) available to him at all times until fully weaned (6-8 weeks of age).

Don’t ignore your puppy’s body condition, behavior, and waste. He should be playful and energetic and have a thick, shiny coat. But just because he’ll always be eager to eat doesn’t necessarily mean you need to feed him more.

DON’T feed your dog puppy food longer than is necessary. By one year, many dogs should be eating adult dog food, though some need to go longer on puppy food. See our article on switching to adult food.

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