10 Most Puppy-Friendly Summer Vacation Destinations

Can’t go anywhere without your best friend? No need to! There are tons of ideal summer vacation spots that are puppy-friendly, so this year, why not bring along your pooch on your trip? Can’t decide where? Don’t worry, we’ve got a ton of great suggestions. Whether you want to be taking your puppy to the beach this summer or going on urban adventures with him, any of these cities are perfect for traveler and pet.

1. Key West, Florida

Already a perfect beach getaway, Key West also offers tons of vacation options for your canine companion. There is a great puppy beach, where you and your pup can go kayaking or paddleboarding. Plus, there are tons of puppy-friendly hotels in the area!

2. San Diego, California

San Diego is puppy paradise. If you’re traveling there with your pet, you’ll find tons of places you can take your puppy—like the urban cultural Balboa Park. Best of all, there are a bunch of puppy-friendly beaches where you guys can relax and play. Plus, the weather year-round is pretty perfect.

3. Sonoma Valley, California

If gorgeous scenery and delicious wine wasn’t already a winning combo, you’d be happy to hear Sonoma is very puppy-friendly, and most wineries allow visitors to bring along their puppys. Plus, with all those beautiful outdoor spots, both you and your puppy are going to have a field day!

4. Austin, Texas

There are so many fun things to do in Austin and best of all, you can take your puppy almost everywhere. If you’re looking for a more urban vacation, have your puppy by your side as you explore Austin’s unique food and city.

5. Lake Placid, New York

With a three-mile hiking trail and a puppy beach nearby, Lake Placid is an ideal destination. It’s especially great for city residents who need a little escape from the concrete jungle.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Probably not what you had in mind for “puppy-friendly,” but plenty of hotels by the strip are pet-friendly (including the famous Caesars Palace). Your puppy probably has no interest playing Blackjack, but there are some great puppy parks to take him to during the day. Plus, if you can afford a little drive, Red Rock Canyon is a good hangout spot for both you and your bud.

7. Portland, Oregon

Residents of Portland enjoy the outdoor life, and you can fit right in there with your pooch. There are lots of hiking and park options, though walking around what has the reputation of being one of the coolest American cities is fun in and of itself. And if you’re bringing your puppy with you, then of course you must try one of Portland’s many puppy bakeries.

8. Woodstock, Vermont

If you’re looking to lodge in a quaint town, then Woodstock is just for you! The charming city offers tons of places where puppies are welcome, so you and your pooch can take in this historical place together.


9. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Take your puppy to the Smoky Mountains via the puppy-friendly Gatlinburg Sky Lift. You’ll both feel on top of the world on your vacation. On the hike down, you and your pet will experience the outdoors like you’ve never experienced before.

10. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Though not as abundant as Key West or San Diego, Cape Cod also offers some pet-friendly beach locations, as well as great outdoors options, like the Cape Cod Rail Trail. What better place for a scenic New England getaway?

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