10 Life Hacks for Puppy Owners

The joy of raising a puppy is tough to beat. But that’s not to say it’s always fun and games. Getting their first year or two right takes commitment and responsibility, plus dealing with some not-so-fun things. So, to make life with your pup hassle free, try some of these easy to do puppy hacks!

1. Reduce static build up with a dryer sheet

Dogs can get uncomfortable during storms, and it’s not always because of the storm itself. Lots of times static electricity in their coat can be the cause of their uneasiness. So try rubbing your pup’s fur with a dryer sheet to decrease the static buildup.

2. Clean their teeth even if they don’t like brushing

Does your pup hate getting their teeth brushed? Instead rub some enzymatic dog toothpaste on his favorite chew toy and let him have at it.

3. Clean up puppy pee with baking soda and vinegar

It’s inevitable that your pup will pee on the carpet. Not to fret. Simply put 2 cups of white distilled vinegar, 2 cups water and 4 generous teaspoons of baking soda in a spray bottle, mix it well and give the carpet a few spritzes.

4. Put a ball in their food bowl to help them eat slower

If your puppy has a tendency to inhale his food, simply toss a ball in his bowl. It’ll make him move the ball around to get to the food and slow down his eating.


5. Get hair off upholstery with a wet rubber glove

Dog fur really likes to cling to furniture and stay there. Strapping on a rubber glove, patting some water on it and running your hand over the furniture will wipe hair right up.


6. Keep them cool with a kiddie pool

A good way to beat the summer heat is to get a small kiddie pool and fill it up with a couple inches of cool water. Just remember to never let your puppy play in it unsupervised.


7. Freshen bad breath with parsley

If your pup has bad breath, a little bit of parsley added to his food should freshen it right up.

8. Use an ice lick to feed them medication

If you’re not sure how to give your puppy his medication, try putting the pill in a small amount of dog food or a product designed to hide it.

9. Stop your pup from chewing cords

Teething puppies will chew on just about anything they can sink their teeth into. Make sure your house is puppy proofed and if you have power cords you can try spritzing a little bitter apple spray on a paper towel and wiping them down to prevent your puppy from chewing them.


10. Clean hair from the carpet with a squeegee

The carpet is another area of the house where hair likes to collect. Instead of a vacuum cleaner, you might find that using a squeegee is a more efficient and effective way to pick up the hair.

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