Caring for Your Puppy’s Teeth

Just like we routinely take care of our teeth, it’s important to keep your puppy’s teeth clean and healthy. So, starting him off right will help you maintain a clean mouth throughout his life. Get To Know His Teeth Puppies have 28 temporary teeth that come in at around 4 weeks of age and fall […]

10 Life Hacks for Puppy Owners

The joy of raising a puppy is tough to beat. But that’s not to say it’s always fun and games. Getting their first year or two right takes commitment and responsibility, plus dealing with some not-so-fun things. So, to make life with your pup hassle free, try some of these easy to do puppy hacks! […]

How To Prep Your Pup When You’re Expecting

There’s a lot you can expect when you’re expecting. And if you have a pup you can expect to teach them a few things to prepare for the baby. Here’s some things to do: Temperament Your pup will need to know certain set of manners when the baby comes. This means no barking late, no […]

10 Reasons You Should Get a Puppy

Adopting a puppy isn’t easy. Raising your little guy (or girl!) requires a lot of time and money, but the reward of becoming a puppy parent is far greater than the cost of a few poops on the carpet. Here’s a list of ten reasons why you should add a puppy to your life: Puppies […]

10 Most Puppy-Friendly Summer Vacation Destinations

Can’t go anywhere without your best friend? No need to! There are tons of ideal summer vacation spots that are puppy-friendly, so this year, why not bring along your pooch on your trip? Can’t decide where? Don’t worry, we’ve got a ton of great suggestions. Whether you want to be taking your puppy to the […]

Puppy distracted on the walk

Dear Pawfessor Dion, I have a nine-month-old, 100 lb puppy who I walk every single day for the amount of time you recommend in your new book. My problem is he is getting to know a lot of people in my neighborhood and now every time I pass someone I know on a walk, he […]